This article is all about CJG21, a user of TPPC.


On TPPC, CJG21 is a member of Team TPPC. He chose this team because he wanted to be in the middle, and didn't want to lose out on anything just so he could gain on something else. His Trainer ID is 2939484 and he is open for any trade offers on pokemon of his. He has the same username on the Trainer's Corner, for obvious reasons, and the accounts are linked to make it easier for other members. He chose the username CJG21 because CJG is his intials and 21 is his favourite number.

On TPPC, one of his favourite challenges is the Safari Contest. He doesn't really go on Seafoam Islands or SS Anne much as he finds them less appealing. His highest ever score in it is over 12,850, although he is still trying to beat it.


Username CJG21
Trainer ID 2939484
Favourite Pokemon Ralts

In all pokemon games, not just TPPC, his favourite pokemon is Ralts. He will always try to obtain this pokemon in every game he goes on. He doesn't really know why he likes Ralts, but he first came into contact with it playing Pokemon Ruby on the GBA. His other favourite pokemon are Dratini, Totodile, and Squirtle, and he believes the pokemon from the first two generations are better and more likeable. He has had a lot of pokemon games over the years, although he doesn't believe non-portable console games such as Pokemon Colosseum are proper pokemon games and he has never acquired one. He has had nearly all the games for Gameboy Colour through to NDS.